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Discover the whimsical world of Jellycat Soft Toy Collections, a cornucopia of cute and quirky softies. Find the sweet Bashful Bunny in various shapes, sizes, and colors, perfect for a nuzzle. Brighten your day with a rainbow of Cordy Roy friends or enjoy a scrumptious cuddle with our most lovable Toothys! Don’t miss out on the fantastic Fuddlewuddles and the cheekiest softie of all, Bashful Monkey! Explore and find your new favorite cuddle companion, including the delightful Amuseables objects like the fluffy grump Amuseable Storm Cloud, Amuseables sports like the home run-hitting Amuseable Baseball, and Amuseables food like the fiesta-funky Amuseable Taco with foldy suedey lettuce and tomato.

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