Southern Tide at Findlay Rowe

Thinking about Labor Day and the last trip to the beach?

“Toes in the water, toes in the sand, not a worry in the world…”

Spending some time this labor day with your toes in the “southern tide”? No beach trip can be complete without the products from Southern Tide now available at Findlay Rowe!

Southern Tide’s flipjacks are perfect for flopping down the boardwalk. Their vibrant hats labeled with their signature “skipjack” fish is ideal for protecting your face from those harsh beach rays! No SPF needed! (Okay, maybe some). Ever had your sunglasses sucked into the crashing waves? Not a problem once you have secured those shades with Southern Tide’s signature croakies! Waterproof and super cute! Their brightly colored towels are perfect for wiping off that salty sea spray or shaking off the sand. You and your kids are sure to love their super soft t-shirts with fun designs to throw over your swimsuits when headed down the shore.


Southern Tide    Southern Tide T-Shirt        Lounge Shorts


Whether you’re dressing up for dinner in  town, or snuggling up for a cool night on the dock, Southern Tide has the right top, shorts or dress for you! Once you’re done envisioning this ideal vacation, skip on over to Findlay Rowe and look for the “skipjack”! Zac Brown said it best, but once you’ve got your toes in the water, toes in the sand you won’t have a worry in the world once you have your Southern Tide for the whole family from Findlay Rowe!

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