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Hubs - Peanut Brittle

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This 16-ounce vacuum-sealed tin of Hubs Peanut Brittle is made locally, in Virginia, by the Hubbard Peanut Company. This peanut brittle is a must-have for the holidays and year-round. It makes for the perfect gift or sweet snack during the winter months. This Peanut Brittle is a Hubbard family favorite. After harvesting the peanuts, the Hubbards would historically save some extra and made this same brittle recipe for the holidays. Not just anyone can make peanut brittle of this quality. 

The Hubs workers manually stir the peanuts, mixed with sugars, butter, and extracts, constantly so no part of the brittle is uneven. The workers also make sure that all the brittle stays at the same temperature throughout the process, so no piece is under or overcooked. However, you’ll realize that all of this effort and attention to create this perfect tin of Peanut Brittle is worth it after you try the Brittle for the first time.

In 1954, Hubs Peanuts was created by Dot and HJ Hubbard when Dot wanted a little extra spending money to help with family expenses. Her father already owned and operated a peanut farm, and she used a family recipe for peanuts from when she was younger to transform them into an irresistible snack. Dot developed so many and unique ways to cook peanuts, that all became standard practice for peanut companies today.

The brand and the family of Hubs Peanuts became popular in Virginia and beyond, creating the need for more farmers and thus more customers. Now, over 65 years later, Hubs Peanuts is still doing the same thing, the same way, and has the same delicious taste in every single peanut.


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