Raising The Bar Cocktail Guide
Raising The Bar Cocktail Guide book
Raising The Bar Cocktail Guide
Raising The Bar Cocktail Guide

Raising The Bar Cocktail Guide

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"Raising the Bar: A Bottle-by-Bottle Guide to Mixing Masterful Cocktails at Home" is an accessible and practical guide for building a home bar one bottle at a time. This book provides readers with the tools and knowledge needed to mix fantastic cocktails without the need for investing in niche, single-use ingredients that can be both time-consuming and costly.

The key concept presented in the book is a simple cocktail formula:  **Spirit + Sugar + Acidity/Bitterness = Tasty Cocktail**

Unlike other guides that may rely on esoteric bottles of liquor, complicated syrups, and obscure sodas, "Raising the Bar" takes a different approach. It guides readers through the home bar bottle by bottle, ensuring that every ingredient introduced is versatile enough to be used to the last drop.

  • - The book builds on a basic cocktail pantry, introducing a new bottle in each chapter.
  • - Each chapter explains how the new bottle opens up new possibilities for cocktails.
  • - The chapters are designed to build on one another, avoiding recipes with unfamiliar spirits or ingredients.
  • - "Raising the Bar" allows readers to set their own pace, maximizing the usefulness of the spirits they bring home.

With this guide, readers can develop a well-rounded home bar that not only covers the basics but also expands their cocktail-making capabilities. It's a valuable resource for both beginners and enthusiasts looking to enhance their mixology skills.

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